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Why You Should Get Your Car Serviced At A Dealership

Lots of people seem to be afraid of getting service at a dealership because they hear horror stories about the price and think the lower initial cost of going to an independent mechanic is preferable. But here's the thing: going to that independent mechanic will cost you more money and time in the long run.

When you get service at a dealership, you have access to things corner mechanics don't. Dealerships keep factory original parts onsite, so if you need a new part the odds are low you'll have to have one ordered in, while corner mechanics have to do this regularly. Factory original parts are the best choice for your vehicle because they were made specifically for it. Plus, their quality is proven and tested by the automaker, whereas generic parts ordered by your mechanic aren't.

Another thing you get at a dealership is specially trained technicians. Your mechanic undoubtedly knows how to fix a car, but they don't have the highly specific and rigorous training of dealership technicians, who know your vehicle inside and out. Because of this, dealership technicians are more likely to recognize problems as they're arising.

Maintenance is cheaper than repairing something, so if you catch a problem before it can get worse, you'll spend less money over the time you have your car. Plus, dealerships often offer coupons and deals to lower the cost of service and to let you get additional services for free.

So for your safety, your wallet, and your busy schedule, stop by Lewis Nissan's service department and get your vehicle back to operating like brand new!
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