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Winter Weather Driving Tips

Winter weather is far from the ideal condition to be driving your car in. However, it’s not like drivers can suddenly stop heading to work when snow hits the ground. What drivers can do is educate themselves on winter driving safety. By following these winter weather tips for the road, you can travel safer no matter what Old Man Winter throws your way.
1. Drive Slowly
When there’s a blanket of snow on the ground, you’re going to have to account for the response time of your vehicle. Your car will accelerate, decelerate, and respond slower than usual, so drive slowly to give it time to react to that.
2. Don't Stop on a Hill
Trying to power up on a hill in the winter is difficult. However, the worst thing you can do is stop once you are halfway up. If you do, you can become trapped on the hill, with no signs of being able to progress forward.
3. Do Not Use Cruise Control
Cruise Control is a useful feature when the weather conditions are right. However, using cruise control with snow on the ground is a recipe for disaster. Maintain a manual control of your vehicle in inclement weather conditions.
4. Keep Your Gas Tank at Least Half Full
It is always a good idea to avoid a near-empty gas tank. However, the need to do so increases in winter. If your gas tank is any less than half full, you run the chance of the gas line freezing up, which can create some catastrophic results.

By following these winter driving tips, you can get to your destination safe in the snow.

Don’t forget to winterize your vehicle though! Just because you might be ready to handle the snow and ice doesn’t mean your vehicle is! You want to make sure you have great tires, good brakes and that your car doesn’t have any leaks and has plenty of its fluids. Stop in today to see our service department to let them help you get ready for winter! You can even schedule your service with us right here on our website!

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