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The Sales Process

When you arrive at Lewis Nissan, you will find a wide variety of vehicles. The vehicles are carefully arranged for easy driving and viewing. Our parking lot attendant attempts to keep all vehicles grouped based on the trim level to make finding a fully loaded or entry level trim easy and quick.

In understanding there are notable price differences between an entry level vehicle and one fully loaded our salesmen are alert, in place at all times, and ready to assist you. For this reason, when you exit your vehicle, it is Lewis’ expectation that you are greeted kindly and warmly within the first 30 seconds. The salesman then assists you in understanding what vehicles Nissan offers to meet your needs as the customer. Upon doing so, you will then enter the building, into an office, and provide a report of your trade in (given you have one).

Your trade in is of great importance. This is why we take the time to ask about your payoff, the year, make, model, where it is financed, and if you bought it new or used. Understanding these details helps us to give you a more than fair price. Also, an AutoCheck is performed to find the history of your vehicle that you may not know about especially if you purchased the vehicle used. It may be that your vehicle scores higher than average making it worth all the more. Detailing your trade, your vehicle is then taken to one of our used car managers for pricing.

While this is occurring, the salesman will show you through our state of the art 2.2 million dollar building offering you refreshments and showing you where the parts department, service department, and restrooms are for present and future use. Your information is then entered into the CRM tool used to keep you assigned to a single salesman and not overwhelmed by multiple individuals. Your information does not need known by everyone. We aim to respect that privacy. This also generates information to our sales manager.

Once the manager receives your information, the stock number of interest and the appraisal sheet from one of our used car managers, your deal is put together on paper and presented to you. We are a volume dealer. This means we are more concerned about moving the vehicle. For this reason, our managers sharpen their pencils the first time as a courtesy to you the customer. The car business has changed in this aspect. You should not have to continually ask for a price if it was able to be done the first time.

Afterwards, you will then submit driver’s license, registration and insurance. This is presented to one of our finance managers who begin the work on finalizing your deal. While you are waiting, your salesman takes your New Nissan to fill it up with gas and have it carefully detailed by our wonderful wash bay team. You are then taken to finance where you sign and then walk out to your highly anticipated New Nissan.

After the sale, you will be contacted for verification of satisfaction. If there is any dissatisfaction we invite the honesty as this is highly valued amongst all the Lewis Team. If we cannot be honest, we cannot improve. Your sales associate will continue monitoring your satisfaction each six months as well as during your visits for regular maintenance. We do not leave you after the sale as “service after the sale” is our staple. This is our sales process!
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