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Fall Driving Tips from Lewis Nissan

Fall is coming, but those beautiful brown-orange leaves can be deadly when on the ground. Before they turn, check out these car care and driving tips to help you get through the fall season unscathed.
Watch Out for Leaves
Wet leaves make the road slippery and hazardous. Watch out for patches of wet leaves on the road and keep in mind that they could be covering potholes. You’ll want to park away from dry leaves too, as piles of them could catch on fire if your car’s catalytic converter is too close to them.
Get Ready for Glare
Sun glare is one of the biggest issues with driving in the fall. During the morning commute to work and the late afternoon trip home, sun glare can cause reflections off car windows and hoods and decrease your visibility. Take a good pair of sunglasses with you and consider lenses with anti-reflecting coating.
Use Low Beams
You might be tempted to switch on your high beams when driving through fog, but that will only make it harder to see when the light reflects off of it and creates a “white wall” effect. Use your low beams instead, and watch your speedometer as well: fog creates the illusion of slow motion and may tempt you to go faster when you might already be speeding.
Basic Maintenance: Brakes, Tires & Windshield Wipers
When the roads start to get covered in ice or snow, you’ll start to rely on your brakes more. Have them checked, including the brake linings, rotors, and drums. The same thing goes for tires, which are your primary source of traction: check for uneven wear, bulges, and bald spots. Finally, be sure to keep your windshield leaf-free to avoid wet leaves getting stuck and impairing your vision.
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